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Non-flammable and sprayable contact adhesive  


High quality sprayable Metro adhesive is used in furniture, wood and construction industries.


Product Features:

  • Good initial wet gab
  • Non-flammable
  • Spray-able
  • As a contact adhesive for bonding two impermeable surface.


Physical Properties:


Type: Based on synthetic rubber and organic solvents .

State: Liquid

Color: Yellow or red

Drying time: 5 – 15 minutes

Solid: 38 % ± 2




Application Guidelines:

  • Ventilation is necessary
  • Keep the surfaces clean and dry
  • Spray the adhesive on surfaces
  • Fix the surfaces together and apply pressure for best result
  • Porous surface can be fixed immediately and result rigid surfaces after 5-10 minutes.








10 and 22 Kg containers.


Storage and Shelf life:


Avoid storing under direct sun light and heat.

Shelf life: 9 months in tightly closed containers in a dry and cool place.


Caution Statement:


Don’t allow eye or skin viagra en pharmacie contact. Avoid breathing vapors. Keep out of reach of children. This product is harmful for human. This product contains methylene chloride as a solvent. See the MSDS of methylene chloride for best information.