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Moquette Adhesive:


Metro floor covering adhesive is a kind of contact and solvent-based adhesive. It is hardened once the solvent evaporates. This product is ideal for bonding moquette, carpet, sponge and other flooring applications.

This product is formulated to adhere a wide variety of insulation materials to metal or other construction surfaces, where immediate adhesion and high initial adhesive strengths are required.


Product Features:

  • Fast setting time
  • Good initial wet gab
  • As a contact adhesive for bonding two impermeable surfaces
  • No chlorinated solvent
  • Clean with mineral spirit
  • Water resistant


Physical Properties:


Type: SBR based solvent adhesive

State: Semi-viscose liquid

Color: Yellow

Dried film: 3 – 15 minutes

Solid: 28 % ± 2


Specific gravity:

Flash point:

PH:   NA


Application Guidelines:

  • For best result clean the surface.
  •  Apply the adhesive on each surface.
  • Allow to evaporate solvent from surface and become tacky
  • Press the surfaces together for 20 minutes.




Flammable and harmful. keep away from heat, sparks and flame.




0.25, 0.9, 4 lit and 12 Kg containers.


Storage and Shelf life:


Avoid storing under direct sun light and heat.

Shelf life: 12 months in tightly closed containers in a dry and cool place.


Caution Statement:


Don’t allow eye or skin contact. Avoid breathing vapors. Keep out of reach of children. This product is highly flammable. Keep acheter du cialis en ligne away from ignition sources. Ventilation is necessary.